Get involved with The Field of Firsts Foundation and share in the excitement of the College Park Aviation Museum, the College Park Airport, the world’s oldest continuously operating airport, and all the aviation firsts that happened here!  

Come experience our new exhibit, Gamera: A Monstrous Achievement

Do you have the balance, strength and power to be a helicopter? Find out in this exhibit exploring the evolution of helicopters through the University of Maryland’s Gamera project. This human-powered helicopter, developed by the UMD Aerospace Engineering department, set world records in pursuit of the Sikorsky Prize.

Explore the entire museum from your computer! 

Thanks to the generous work of Aaron Rice and Virtual Reality CAM Studios, the College Park Aviation Museum can now reach anywhere in the world. No extra software needed!

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                               December 19th

                                         Join us to take a                                                 break from the                                                   holiday craziness,                                             invite your                                                          friends, and become a kid again with model trains! Chat with members of the National Capital Trackers about their trains and enjoy live music by Illudium Trio.It's also "Best Bow Tie" Night with prizes awarded. Bow ties will be scored in the following areas: holiday theme, creativity, festiveness and hand tied.

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